The Big Transition:
From Home to School

Learning to be apart from family is a young child’s toughest transition. Sensitivity, planning, knowledge of each child go a long way toward helping to ease the pain. Here are some guidelines.

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Allow time for hellos and goodbyes

At the beginning of the semester, you can expect some children to have difficulty with separation. Allow time for transitions from home to school by staying for a few minutes to help your child ease into an activity.

Reminders of home can be helpful as well

Invite your child to bring a special object such as a stuffed animal or blanket for rest time. Bringing in a family picture to display in your child’s classroom is another way to ease the transition.

Please do not sneak away when your child is distracted

This can make transitions even more difficult and promotes As the parent, it is important to be as calm and relaxed as possible. If you are nervous about leaving your child, or in a hurry to leave, it will make your child feel more anxious and uneasy about the transition. Tell your child goodbye and reassure them that you will be back.

The teachers are there to help make it easier on you

You can be assured that your child’s teachers will be there to comfort your child and provide activities to ease their transition.

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