At Pre-school Minds we recognize the importance of collaborative learning, which views the child as a “social being.” Our teachers seek to foster meaningful relationships between children and their peers, the entire community and the environment. We will focus on four main areas in your child’s development:e.

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Children Are Personally And Socially Competent

Children will learn how to share and work with each other, how to solve problems, and how to help They will learn how to communicate and be assessed for proper speech and language development.

Children Are Effective Learners

Cognitive development will be encouraged through counting (math) games, reading stories, and thematic activities, as well as learning to follow and give directions. We encourage students to be independent learners and responsible for themselves and their belongings (clean up, put backpack away, etc.).

Children Show Physical And Motor Competence

Gross motor (large muscle) development is encouraged through play (running, climbing, etc.). Fine motor/hand-eye development is encouraged through a wide variety of activities. Use of pencils, markers, crayon, scissors, glue bottles, paint, small and large toys (sorting, matching, etc.).

Health And Safety Precautions

Children are encouraged to maintain good hygiene through proper hand washing, and the use of tissues for nasal discharge. Healthy eating is encouraged on a daily basis and practicing safety precautions are reinforced which include fire drills and proper use of the 9-1-1 emergency system.