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Fire Drills & Evacuation

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The following outlines the specific steps which must be taken in relation to school emergency information and drills.

We are required by state licensing to do fire drills monthly as well as other disaster drills once every 6 months. Fire drills are held on random days and times. We practice evacuating the classrooms, meeting on the playground, accounting for all staff and children, etc. We discuss the importance of the drills with the children and talk about any fears they may have. As per University policy, during an earthquake drill we are required to evacuate to University Student Apartments, West Community Center. Evacuation Procedures  If we are advised to evacuate the building because it is deemed unsafe for us to remain in our space, we will go to the PS 181 or PS 235 which are two of our staging locations during an emergency.

Accident Reports/Illnesses

If your child has an accident or receives an injury you will be notified via incident report or phone call depending on the seriousness of the injury. It is our responsibility to report any suspected cases of child abuse and neglect to N Y State Central Registry and/or ACS.

If your child is ill and out for more than 2 (two} days, a doctor’s note is required for re-entry into the school. Please be advised we do not administer medication. If your child contracts a contagious disease such as chicken pox, measles, strep throat, ring worm, etc. please alert the center so that we can notify the parents of other students. A doctor’s clearance is required when a child is returning to school after a contagious disease.

Weather related school closings

In the event of bad weather, the center will be closed if NYC Public Schools are closed. If there is a delay dismissal we will follow the same rule. If bad weather begins during the day please make arrangements to have your child picked up as early as possible. Please listen to 1010WINS or 880CBS Radio for school closing information.

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